Hollow Design Fast Heat Dissipation Led Grow Light Lower Temperature Higher Quality Longer Life Plant Fill Lamp

Item No.: PGLS (01)
Power: 150W
Input Voltage: 90~305VAC
PPF Efficiency: 2.9 μmol/s/W(μmol/J)


Power 150W
Input Voltage 90-305VAC
Input Current 1.25A/120VAC
PF >0.90/120VAC
Dimming (Optional) 10~100%
CRI 88
435 umol/s
Eff(PPF) 2.9 umol/s/W(umol/J)
Spectrum 330~880nm
Height 10~30 inch
Coverage 24~36 inch
Operation Temp & Humidity -20~45℃, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity -20~85℃, 10~95%RH No condensation
Product L* W * H (mm) 298*250*94
Carton L* W * H (mm) 334*285*102
NW (kg) ±0.1 2.2
GW (kg) ±0.1 2.5


Faster heat dissipation, longer lifetime

Faster heat dissipation, longer lifetime

Integrated hollow design, extremely fast heat dissipation, sturdy and durable anti-corrosion. The high-quality heat dissipation system and sturdy hollow shape, increase the cooling effect by 50% compared with traditional lamps. Longer lifetime, and no need to worry about excessive temperature.

Higher luminous efficacy, customized spectrum

Newest LED chips technology, high luminous efficacy and high PAR output, increase the plant yield by 50%. Unique PC reflector cup design, improves light efficiency, light coverage and planting efficiency. LED surface spraying technology, waterproof and anti-corrosion, reliable and durable.

0-10V dimming, zero noise

0-10V dimming MeanWell driver, the dimming knob can control the light intensity from 0% -100%, safe and reliable energy saving. The brightness can be adjusted according to the needs of the plants, so that the growth performance can be perfect at each growth stage, providing a healthy growth environment for indoor plants.

Lightweight and convenient, easy to install

The weight of the whole lamp is less than 2.2kg, light and convenient, fast installation, zero-cost maintenance, smaller packaging volume, and saving freight.