Huizhou luofu mountain + baotian hot spring


Luofu mountain which is located in the south central part of lingnan sit in the south China sea daya bay and adjacent to Huizhou west lake. Sima qian of the han dynasty said "luo fu han zuo ordered the southern mountains is one of the ten mountains in the world." Taoism respected as the seventh heaven, 34 blessed land. It is sister to the west woodcutter mountain in nanhai county Guangdong province and it is also known as the east qiao mountain. Luofu mountain covers more than 214 square kilometers. There are 432 peaks of all sizes and more than 980 famous waterfalls, 18 wonders of the cave, 72 secluded rocks and stone Chambers, attracting numerous immortal celebrities and tourists in ancient and modern times with the characteristics of majestic mountains, lush and evergreen vegetation, tall and ancient trees, and extraordinary and free from vulgarity.


I'm ready to climb the mountain. Let's take a group photo first

Collective mountain climbing

I'm so tired climbing! I need a rest ~!

Tired and happy

Photos of children

Reached the top of the mountain

Sharing food

Take the cable car to enjoy the scenery

Attractions pose

When we unload the burden of work, away from the hustle and bustle of high-rise buildings, the city, into the nature to listen to the sound of the forest, feel the integration of blue sky and white clouds and beautiful scenery, calm and happiness spontaneously~

The green water of the lake is rippled by the breeze, and the reflection of the water reflects the luxuriant leaves of the lake

After climbing the mountain, we enjoy the hot spring here and have a good sleep to relax our body and mood

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